Red Jumpsuit Apparatus | Dirty Dog Bar | 4.22.16

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Red JumpsuitApparatus | Dirty Dog Bar | April 23, 2016

Doors: 7pm
Hitting Subset// 8:30 – 9:00
Avion Roe// 9:15 – 9:45
RJA// 10:00 – Close

This was my first time at Dirty Dog Bar, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve walked past it plenty of times since it’s on 6th street, but never actually been inside. I arrive at 8:33pm and Hitting Subset was already on stage. I grabbed a Fireman’s Four at the bar, which set me back $5 for a small plastic cup. Dirty Dog Bar is a nice small venue creating a nice, close vibe with the bands. Since RJA is a alternative rock/punk/screamo band I wasn’t sure how the crowd was going to react to the openers, whom I had never really listened to before. I hung back in case there was going to be moshing going on, but the crowd was pretty calm.

Avion Roe started a little before their set time… which is unheard of… bands starting promptly on time or even slightly before?? I love it. After their set was done, I started sneaking my way up closer to the stage. The concert was 16+, so there was a lot of teens there. Usually I’m the one who gets stuck behind a super tall person, but most of the crowd toward the stage were really short. I’m talking multiple people under 5 feet. I settled in a spot right behind these really short people as I did not want to push my way through and block their view.

RJA comes out and I’m like ‘who are these people??’ A lot of their band members have changed over the years, which is understandable because it’s been 10 years. Ronnie Winter cut his hair. Which was a total surprise because in the older music videos his hair is past his shoulders.  They played the entire ‘Don’t You Fake It’ album in order, from beginning to end. Since this is the ’10 Years of Don’t You Fake It’ Tour, I was expecting them to play a lot of the song from this album, but figured they would throw in a few of their newer songs. Another pleasant surprise.

During False Pretense a mini most pit started of only about 10 or so people that were around me. I ended up getting mixed into the mosh pit, which was okay at first, but I really just wanted to watch the concert. I ended up slipping on the gooey floor and falling on the ground. Someone grabbed me to helped me up, but I soon realized I was missing both the earrings from my right ear. I touch my ear and noticed the blood. A girl that was in the mosh pit and noticed that I was bleeding and checked out my ear. She said it wasn’t gushing or anything and turned on her phone light to help me look for my earrings. I was able to find one earring and two of the backs, but failed to find the the other earring.

I was upset that this happened right before they played Face Down, which is their ultimate single and one of my favorite songs, so I did my best to ignore the blood and pain in my ear and enjoyed the rest of the concert. My main disappointment was that I had a hard time hearing the vocals for RJA. For both Hitting Subset and Avion Roe I could hear the vocals and all the lyrics perfectly. I had to focus on listening to actually hear Ronnie Winter for a lot of the songs.

Other than those few points, it was a great concert. How often to you get to hear your entire favorite album at a concert 10 years after it was released? This band has been on my concert buck list for years and I’m so overjoyed that I was finally able to see them in concert. My videos for this concert is less than my normal amount since: 1) I was trying to enjoy the concert and be in the moment, 2) there were a few people in front of me blocking a lot of the video, and 3) I could barely hear the vocals in person, so I knew the audio would be really bad.

After the concert I went the bathroom to wash the dried blood from my ear. Thankfully they had paper towels in bathroom. I bought a RJA shirt for $25. Normally I wouldn’t pay that much for a shirt, considering I’ve liked this band for 10 years, I feel like it was well deserved.

Check back for videos later!

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