Red Jumpsuit Apparatus | Dirty Dog Bar | 4.22.16

Red JumpsuitApparatus | Dirty Dog Bar | April 23, 2016

Doors: 7pm
Hitting Subset// 8:30 – 9:00
Avion Roe// 9:15 – 9:45
RJA// 10:00 – Close

This was my first time at Dirty Dog Bar, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve walked past it plenty of times since it’s on 6th street, but never actually been inside. I arrive at 8:33pm and Hitting Subset was already on stage. I grabbed a Fireman’s Four at the bar, which set me back $5 for a small plastic cup. Dirty Dog Bar is a nice small venue creating a nice, close vibe with the bands. Since RJA is a alternative rock/punk/screamo band I wasn’t sure how the crowd was going to react to the openers, whom I had never really listened to before. I hung back in case there was going to be moshing going on, but the crowd was pretty calm.

Avion Roe started a little before their set time… which is unheard of… bands starting promptly on time or even slightly before?? I love it. After their set was done, I started sneaking my way up closer to the stage. The concert was 16+, so there was a lot of teens there. Usually I’m the one who gets stuck behind a super tall person, but most of the crowd toward the stage were really short. I’m talking multiple people under 5 feet. I settled in a spot right behind these really short people as I did not want to push my way through and block their view.

RJA comes out and I’m like ‘who are these people??’ A lot of their band members have changed over the years, which is understandable because it’s been 10 years. Ronnie Winter cut his hair. Which was a total surprise because in the older music videos his hair is past his shoulders.  They played the entire ‘Don’t You Fake It’ album in order, from beginning to end. Since this is the ’10 Years of Don’t You Fake It’ Tour, I was expecting them to play a lot of the song from this album, but figured they would throw in a few of their newer songs. Another pleasant surprise.

During False Pretense a mini most pit started of only about 10 or so people that were around me. I ended up getting mixed into the mosh pit, which was okay at first, but I really just wanted to watch the concert. I ended up slipping on the gooey floor and falling on the ground. Someone grabbed me to helped me up, but I soon realized I was missing both the earrings from my right ear. I touch my ear and noticed the blood. A girl that was in the mosh pit and noticed that I was bleeding and checked out my ear. She said it wasn’t gushing or anything and turned on her phone light to help me look for my earrings. I was able to find one earring and two of the backs, but failed to find the the other earring.

I was upset that this happened right before they played Face Down, which is their ultimate single and one of my favorite songs, so I did my best to ignore the blood and pain in my ear and enjoyed the rest of the concert. My main disappointment was that I had a hard time hearing the vocals for RJA. For both Hitting Subset and Avion Roe I could hear the vocals and all the lyrics perfectly. I had to focus on listening to actually hear Ronnie Winter for a lot of the songs.

Other than those few points, it was a great concert. How often to you get to hear your entire favorite album at a concert 10 years after it was released? This band has been on my concert buck list for years and I’m so overjoyed that I was finally able to see them in concert. My videos for this concert is less than my normal amount since: 1) I was trying to enjoy the concert and be in the moment, 2) there were a few people in front of me blocking a lot of the video, and 3) I could barely hear the vocals in person, so I knew the audio would be really bad.

After the concert I went the bathroom to wash the dried blood from my ear. Thankfully they had paper towels in bathroom. I bought a RJA shirt for $25. Normally I wouldn’t pay that much for a shirt, considering I’ve liked this band for 10 years, I feel like it was well deserved.

Check back for videos later!

SXSW Day 2

Day 2 – Tuesday, March 15th, 2016:

The Plan: Oberhofer (again) at Nomad Bar: 11:00pm

The Outcome:  I arrive ~15 minutes before the first band is scheduled to play and park right out front. Nomad’s is in North Austin, which is perfect if you want to avoid SXSW crowds and traffic. I walk in, grab a refreshing drink, and sit down in the cool air conditioned bar. I also brought my book because I was attending most of this event alone and knew there was going to be a lot of downtime in between sets. Which of course is weird, so one of the photographers there snapped a picture of me and laughed because I was reading at a concert. Hopefully that picture never makes the internet.

Keeps – 7:00 PM
Holy Esque – 8:00 PM
The Crookes – 9:00 PM
Adult Books – 10:00 PM
Oberhofer – 11:00 PM
Girls Names – 12:00 AM

Nomad’s is the perfect place for a chill concert. This was the only venue I went to that had: cheap drinks, actual tables/seat to sit down in, air conditioning, and parking. This was my favorite venue of SXSW, even more so because it’s small. The band is right there and after their sets, most of the bands came and chilled at the bar. I talked to the drummer from The Crookes for a little bit, he was friendly. Most of the time bands immediately have to pack up and run to another venue for their next show, but since Nomad’s is a bit from downtown they ended up staying for a while.


All of the performances were pretty good, no sounds problems. Oberhofer even walked out the back of the bar, around the bar, and came back in through the front back onto the stage. I ended up leaving shortly after Girls Names started playing since I had to be up early for work the next morning. Check back later for Day 3 of SXSW or click here for Day 1.

SXSW Day 1

So it begins. The South by South West Festival in Austin, Texas. A week long crazy event of film, interactive, and live music. Even though I’ve lived in Austin for a few years, this was my first time being in Austin during during SXSW. Trying to make a plan for all the events for the week can be overwhelming: there’s RSVPing, guest lists, wristbands, badges- with almost all events with no guaranteed entry. Music badges start at $650. Platinum badges (which include film, interactive, and music) goes up to $1,645. Of course I chose the free route. There are plenty of free shows going on all around Austin at almost every venue available.

Day 1:

The Plan: GroupLove at the Mohawk: 8pm-2am, doors at 7pm.
The backup plan: Oberhofer at Palm Door: 10pm, doors at 8pm.

The Outcome: 

There was no schedule for what times the bands were playing at The Mohawk and seeing as the only band I wanted to see was GroupLove (with the possibility of them playing at 12am) I didn’t get there before doors opened. GroupLove is not a band I would want to wait ~6 hours for (Would I want to wait 6 hours for a chance to see any band? Probably not). A couple of friends and I arrived  around 7:40pm downtown and walked up to Mohawk and saw a decently short line outside. As we approached the line it ended up being a line for people with badges. The non-badges line was across the street, down the block, and wrapped around another building. I asked one of the workers if there was any chance of getting in and was straight up told ‘no, it’s not likely.’

Off the to next venue for the backup plan. My friend told me about Oberhofer, which is not a super well known band, therefore I was thinking we would be able to walk in… However that was not the case. We approach Palm Door and see a semi short line… for badges and was informed to go to the other line which was down the street and wrapped around another block. We were told a second time for the night that it was unlikely that we would get in.

SXSW- 1. Stephanie- 0.

We ended up walking around 6th Street looking for some music. We ended up at Hotel Vegas and Gypsy Lounge and watched a few random bands perform.

Enjoy my 8 second snapchat from one of the bands performing that night at Hotel Vegas.

Click here for Day 2 of SXSW 2016!

Dream Job


Best job application ever. Netflix has a job opening for a “Grammaster” that will “travel to several European locations where they will take photographs of iconic film and TV locations for Netflix” which I ‘applied’ for by hashtagging three of my Instagram photos. When people ask me what my dream job would be or what would I do if I won the powerball… that description is basically my answer: Travel around the world and photograph everything.

Simple, concise description of what they are looking for: “TV & movie fans with a talent for taking pictures. Choose photos that show off your interests or passions.” I looked through all of my photos I haven’t gotten around to posting yet and starting sorted through the best ones that show my interests which have also been used as on set locations for movies. Check out these photos on my Instagram account.

The first picture is one of my favorite pictures I’ve probably ever taken, even more so because not many people will ever see this view. I’ll have a more detailed description of this in a ~future post~. This is a difficult hike that not many people in Hawaii can or would want to climb. The views are beyond gorgeous and the photos don’t even come close to showing the colors, details, or magnitude of the beauty the crater holds. This area was also used to film Jurrassic Park. The entire hike my brother kept saying “I feel like I’ve seen this place before” and “I keep thinking a triceratops or a velociraptor is going to come out of the bushes.”

The middle is of a lookout point near Honolulu. Very simple. Beautiful. Breathtaking. On set location of Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Captain Jack Sparrow walked these rocks just as I did.

The last photo is of a ti plant found in the Waimea Valley (as well as most of Oahu). This valley has also been the set for many movies and shows such as Lost, Hawaii 5-0, Six Million Dollar Man, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and many more. This time it was me saying “I feel like I’ve seen this place before,” looking around at all of the plants and foliage made me think I was in the Hunger Games.

Although it’s a slim chance that I will get selected to be a Grammaster, you can’t get selected if you never try! Most of the time I feel like I have to be so much of a perfectionist, that I can never fully complete something because ‘it could be better’. One of my new goals is that I’m trying to go out and do things, even though I know it won’t be perfect or I may not be selected. It comes easy to some people, but it’s extremely difficult for me to go through with something that isn’t 1000% perfect. The more I grow, the more I realize that it’s okay. It’s okay not to be perfect. It’s okay just to be.


New, new, new.

I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, but I’m back, employed, and in a new city! During my last trip to California, I received a full time job offer and started a couple days after coming back from California. It’s been a busy few months with starting my new job, finding a house, and moving in.

The house I’m renting has a lot of character, with a lot of character needs a little updating. I painted my room and bathroom. What I’ve been learning is, no matter what paint color you choose, it will always end up not as what you were expecting. One of my roommates painted her room and it came out a lot darker than she had anticipated. Therefore, when I went to choose my color, I went a shade lighter in hopes of my room not turning out super dark. I thought the color would turn out a little darker than it did, especially because I painted on dark walls. My room is now a super bright aqua color. I was hoping for a little more sea foam green look, but the color has grown on me.

I was hoping for more of BEHR Green Parakeet, instead I went a shade lighter with BEHR Aqua Wish. I used primer and paint in one which was super effective on the dark walls and the color turned out almost exactly as it did on the sample paper.


Bedroom Closets Before

Bedroom Windows Before


Bedroom Closets After  Bedroom Windows After


My bathroom was also a dark blueish, so I tried to lighten it up a little with a hint of lavender, using the BEHR Misty Lavender. This room came out just the color I wanted, still light and almost white with a lavender tint to it.


Bathroom Before


Bathroom After

This was my first time painting a room myself and it honestly came out a lot better than I expected. Painting also took a lot longer than I first thought. It was a really great learning experience and now I feel like I can paint anything! Which was helpful because I ended up painting my dresser, mirror, and side table- I’ll have another post on these later!

Thanks for stopping by!

Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls is a beautiful waterfall north of Honolulu. It’s about a mile up and a mile back down with an easy to follow trail. We started in the morning and it wasn’t too crowded. At some points the trail is very narrow, only allowing one person at a time. The trail was pretty muddy when we went and rained up our way up, making some areas slippery. Wear tennis shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy. Bring water, sunscreen, and bug spray.

Overall the trail is pretty safe, but there are warning signs at the beginning. Almost everywhere you go in Hawaii you’ll see some type of warning signs.

Manoa Falls Trail Warning

Manoa Falls Trail sign and a wild chicken running away from the camera.

Manoa Falls 1

Manoa Falls Flowers 4

Another tip if you would like a nice photo with the falls in the background would be to wear a short dress with tennis shoes. Easy to hike in and you’ll have a beautiful profile pic! Just shoot the picture cutting off your muddy tennis shoes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Manoa Falls Trees 5

Don’t be surprised if the falls aren’t running. Depending on rainfall, there can be a small trickle of water or maybe even nothing at all. Ask someone who’s hiking down how the waterfall is if you are curious, there’s no sign or no one to tell you if the falls are dry.

Manoa Waterfall 6

If you liked this hike, check another hike on Mount Lahilahi. What’s your favorite hike? Which one should I check out next?


Lanikai Beach

Our last stop on our Tour of Oahu was Lanikai Beach. We stopped to grab some food at L&L and headed to the beach.

Lanikai Beach

Lanikai means ‘Heavenly Sea’ in Hawaiian, a peaceful spot right down the street from Kailua Beach. Lanikai doesn’t have restrooms, so I would suggest stopping at Kailua Beach Park to change or use the restroom before hand. We parked on a random street in the neighborhood across from Lanikai. There were a few groups of people there, but definitely not as crowded as Waikiki.

Lanikai 2

Lanikai 3

My whole family went snorkeling and we saw some interesting fish! There was no current and was very calm, making it easy to snorkel.

Lanikai 4

Friendly birds wanting to share your towel and snacks. Interesting enough we saw some people taking pictures of ukuleles on the sand!

The sand on the east side of Oahu is very fine and powdery soft in comparison to the west side.

We even made it back home in time to watch this gorgeous sunset.

Oahu Sunset

Touring Oahu

Since my brother and I had never been to Oahu before, my family decided to take a driving tour of the island to check out all the scenic views.

First stop: Kuilei Cliffs

Kuilei Cliffs

Diamond Head

Although we didn’t hike Diamond Head, but we stopped off to see this gorgeous view and take a few pictures.

Diamond Head

Lanai Lookout

Pro Tip: Wear tennis shoes and shorts. – I was wearing a sundress and sandals, making it hard to navigate on the rocks without slipping and it was also quite windy out.

Lanai Lookout Pano

Safety Tip: Be careful when walking. Don’t get too close too any areas that are wet. Just because the waves aren’t breaking on that area right now, doesn’t mean a rogue wave won’t come and knock you off.


 Halona Blow Hole

Halona Blow Hole

 Kaupo Beach Park

Kaupo Beach Park

We grabbed some lunch at L&L and headed to our last stop, Lanikai Beach Park (check back later for this post!) to eat, relax, and snorkel. According to Google Maps, the drive time is about an hour from start to finish varying from how long you want to stop at each place, and  if you are staying in Honolulu/Waikiki it’s a short drive to the start at Kuilei Cliffs.

Mount Lahilahi

Mount Lahilahi

Mount Lahilahi is said to be one of the smallest mountains. Since it’s so small, it’s very short to climb and you can brag to all of your friends that you climbed a mountain. Starting off the hike you have to go around a gate and pass a danger sign. There’s a slight pathway that dwindles off, so there’s no distinct pathway up. Just climb the easiest way you see fit. Overall, the hike is short and sweet, but at some points you have to use both hands to get up and down the mountain.

Beautiful view of Makaha Valley.

We took the hike in the morning, although a lot of people like to hike Lahilahi in the evening and watch the sunset. I would suggest bringing a flashlight, so you don’t have to hike down in the dark. The top of the mountain can also be great place for whale watching during the whale season. While you’re on the west side of the island, you can take a scenic drive out to the end of the island.